Another week, another blog, another milestone, eh gang? Just last week, Ryan was writing some incomprehensible numbers-based essay on how Out of My Hands had broken the 20,000 stream barrier on Spotify, and here I am about to tell you that not only has our latest single Everything From Last Night also smashed through that barrier this week, it’s now our most popular song to date.

I say “our latest single” because as I write this, it technically is. However, as you read this, we will have released You Lost Yourself, and hopefully it will be penetrating your earballs right now. It’s a big ask, but if you guys could help us maintain the momentum we’ve been seeing, we would be forever grateful.

We’ll be back next week with a proper blog about some pointless waffle that’s happened to us that we’ve somehow managed to crowbar into something relevant, but until then, hit us up on Instagram and let us know your thoughts on the new song. Love it? Share it with friends. Hate it? Share it with enemies. Meh… it? Share it on MySpace.

You’re the best.
Love you.
Jason. AKA Emergency Blog Writer