“No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of a lack of means” bellowed Aneurin Bevan, the then Minister for Health to Clement Attlee, and my word are we at TGL HQ happy for the NHS this week. Collectively, we’ve spent nearly 2 whole days in A&E over the last week, and only 1.5 days of that was spent waiting to be triaged. 

It started with our manager Sam breaking his hand after being pushed into a door by the copious amount of alcohol he’d consumed. Second, I went in after my toe started swelling and turning blue, which although slightly alarming, turned out to be some residual bruising from hiking with my girlfriend in the Peak District. Nothing a big dose of antibiotics for infection and some *ahem* draining *ahem* for the pressure couldn’t fix, though it will be purple until the new nail grows in. Which is… attractive. Finally, to top the week off, Ryan was being a Good Samaritan and dislodging a moped from under a van after it had hit the rider on his way home, when the moped took off down the road with him still attached to it. Pretty disgusting pictures of his hand bombarded the group chat whilst he was on his way to A&E, but the good news is it isn’t broken and he should be fighting fit within a few weeks. Because of that, we’re taking a short break from rehearsals so everyone can recover fully, but we are still going to hit the ground running with an increasingly fuller diary of gigs in November. Go check out our gig page on our website, but fans in the north should keep a keen eye on what’s coming up. 

Don’t worry though, we’re still writing away, both independently and together in a room a couple of times a week to get ready for a busy recording schedule next year, and we’re all pretty excited for what’s coming up. We’ve invested in a lot of equipment to make sure we are always recording so we don’t miss any magic, and the short-mid term plan is to use all this to improve the live show as well. The labour everyone is putting in is phenomenal and it’s certainly one of the hardest working bands I’ve ever played with.

Lastly, you all know we released You Lost Yourself last week, and the response has been so much better than we could ever have thought. It’s currently nearing 4,000 streams in the first 7 days, which is the fastest growth we’ve ever had for a single. Everything From Last Night had only around 2,500 by this point, and that is our most popular tune by far, so if we can keep this momentum going, I’ll be writing another 10k blog before you know it! 

Until next time, keep sharing, keep listening, keep chatting to us, and keep healthy (unlike us). Oh, I’m nearly Diamond on Rocket League now. I know that’s important to you. 

Ok, bye!

Jason AKA The Doctor Will See You Now