A wise fish once said, “Just keep swimming”. And that’s what we as a band are doing. Just keeping on swimming, not literally for those of you who think we’re some sort of aquatic-based rock band… but I digress. The point is that we are persevering as best we can by continuously writing, recording and gigging. After all, all good things take time, and considering the fact that we’ve only officially been The Great Leslie for almost two years, we’re not doing half bad! And, what a way to celebrate our almost two-year anniversary; with a second gig at the amazing Water Rats in King’s Cross.

About a year ago (it was definitely last summer in any case) we had the honour of being able to play at the South Norwood Community Festival in South London. There we performed just before the absolute powerhouse that is Moses. Being a band that has been together for six years and racked up many successes in their time, we naturally went to meet them and see if we could secure a support slot for them at another show. Low and behold, a year later, past many complications of availability and calendar alignments, we finally managed to set a date with this incredible band for just after the release of their second studio album no less. Even more amazingly we got to do it at a venue that now holds a particularly special place in our hearts, as not only did we play an incredible gig there over seven months ago, but it was at that gig we met our very own Alfie Pawsey. So we got two treats for the price of one on our almost two-year anniversary, if that makes any sense at all!

And what a gig it was, even despite the strikes people came out in their tens of tens, filling the place almost to the brim. It was a pleasure to be on The Water Rats stage again, and this time with our brand new and much-improved lineup. Thank you to all our friends, family and fans who came to support us, thank you to Chris Lombardi for not only gracing us with his delightful presence, but also taking fantastic pictures of us during our set, and lastly thank you to Moses for letting us support them; we hope to share the stage with you once more in the near future!

Here’s to more writing, recording and gigging, AND another almost two years!

I am most honourably and appreciatively,

Ollie Trevers aka. A Leslie striving for greatness.