Hello, dear Leslie lovers and friends! For those who stay attuned to all that we put out on the inter-web, you will undoubtedly have noticed our lack of blog posts over the past few months, but no more! We have been going through several changes as a band, one most important of which was a cabinet reshuffle; therefore, I believe this to be the most apt opportunity for these so-called newbies to introduce themselves. So without further ado, I give you Alfie ‘Don’t Touch Me’ Pawsey and Gig Ready Freddie, aka. Leslie and Leslie.

Hi all, my name is Alfie Pawsey, and I have recently joined The Great Leslie on bass. 

To give a little bit of an insight into what I’m all about, I’ve been a bass player and a guitarist most of my life, first picking up the bass when I was around nine years old. Bass was always my ”go to”. Despite dabbling in keys and vocals, I was just always naturally drawn to bass. 

Since my teens, I have been in and out of bands. I started really getting into songwriting and working within production from my early 20’s onwards, but I have always had the need to be in a band. I love the excitement, camaraderie and the feeling that you could impact someone’s life positively in some small way.

I first came across The Great Leslie at the famous London venue ‘The Water Rats’ at the beginning of 2022. It was a normal night until I heard their music. After the show, I met the guys and told them if they were ever looking, I would want to get involved. The rest is history. 

The band has a sound that really lends itself to my style of playing, and I am dead excited for the future!

Hey everyone, I’m Freddie! (Full name’s ‘Malte Frederick Braendlin’ – better known as Freddie around here for simplicity).

I recently joined The Great Leslie as the new lead guitarist and am excited to share a little bit about myself with you. 

It was in 2003 when I first picked up a guitar after seeing a live performance of ‘Deep Purple’ – I was just six at that time. Born near the Swiss and French border in a town called Loerrach, Germany, my interest in early rock and blues made me take guitar lessons for many years.

Handmade music has always been the main focus for me, and I have composed songs in many genres over the years (touching upon alt-rock, indie, folk and country).

My playing and writing diversified with my move to the UK in 2020. 

Publishing my first recording of the acoustic song ‘Leaving’ and attracted the attention of The Great Leslie, who were looking for a new lead guitarist to take the band to the next level. I am very excited to be part of The Great Leslie and look forward to bringing creativity and my personal style to this exciting project.