Well here we are… it’s February 2021 and for most of the world, we are still being held under duress by this bloody virus. It feels like we are on an unending ride on the Bakerloo Line; it’s slow, uncomfortable, it fucking reeks and there’s no light at the end of Boris express. Vaccines are rolling out painfully slow for those of us at the end of the queue who want nothing more than to go out for a pint (or 15).

Sam, our manager, has had us making posts on our socials to try and lighten you all up with our “tips” to get through lockdown. Ollie’s been screaming like a child into pillows, I’m used to seeing him bite the pillows but at least it’s something new. Jay’s been walking and pointing at just about anything, It’s like he’s going for walks tripping on shrooms but he’s just become psychotic being at home all the time. BLESS HIM.

I thought mine were quite good but I have to come clean, I was lying when I said I was making vintage Airfix models. Truth is, it’s vintage and that shit ain’t coming out the box let alone being glued together. I also don’t have the paint. I’ve found challenging myself to finish the extensive catalogue of shit TV on Netflix & Amazon has helped. Bar Rescue is this really REALLY bad show where this complete moron guy called Jon Taffer (think Gordon Ramsey but an actual dick) basically just ranting at bad bar owners and the unfortunate staff for each 25 minute episode, I wouldn’t recommend it but I’ve finished 212 episodes over lockdown. Literal waste of my life, but it felt like I was at a bar (justified). As I’d run out of Bar Rescue, last week I binged on Tattoo Rescue, but luckily there’s only 16 episodes. I’ve even started finding videos on YouTube of people making pilot episodes of themselves – one I came across recently was Rock Doc. He’s basically just a GP but with tattoos and a motorbike. His self-made pilot episode is a hilarious 10 minute rollercoaster of nothing. Video below:

I’m not sure I’ve really stuck to the subject I intended on this blog so I’m gonna have to make a u-turn to the title of this blog now. What was it again…? Ah yes, Musical Sexting. Well this is why I chose that subject: As you can see from my gloomy description of my personal tribulations on lockdown life with god awful TV, it’s nice when you get some good news. The other day Ollie sent the rest of us a WhatsApp message with a few quotes that he had put together of messages from our listeners across our social network. I read the first 5 or 10 and then I had to hit that “read more” button… thing was, this message went on forever; there were dozens of them! YOU LOT telling us how much you loved our songs, how you can’t wait to see us play, how you were sharing our music.. Well TBH, I was blown away! It really gave me the boost I needed to get out of my extremely bad TV addiction. 

All those compliments made me and the guys feel bloody lovely, so thank you, you bloody lovely bunch of beauties. 

Since you got me on a roll with complimenting you all, let me turn to Spotify. WOW YOU GUYS!!! We have some pretty awesome growth thanks to you lot too! We have listeners now; that’s pretty mind blowing for me. Since January 7th we’ve gone from 250 followers to 410! We are averaging about 180 plays a day. It’s really hard to imagine that people other than dear old mummy are sitting listening to us of their own choice. 

I guess there’s only one thing left for me to say, which is THANKS… Thanks a bunch! You’ve given me the dose of dopamine I need to see through the Boris express to the end of the line. 

Ryan xx