This is all rather shit, isn’t it? I have to admit, when I last vomited up my thoughts for you to read, I was feeling a little smug. I had managed to make it out of London before Tier 4 kicked in and had escaped to the peaceful safety of Tier 2 Dorset, where walks are gorgeous, light pollution isn’t a thing, and (most importantly) pubs were still open. Who remembers pubs? They were great, weren’t they? Now, however, having enjoyed my Christmas dinner, I’m lumbered with humble pie for my just desserts. 

We are two weeks into the third (fourth?) lockdown here in London, and everyone is starting to feel the pressure. In the summer, I could happily escape the house by wandering around Epping Forest for hours on end, without seeing a single soul. Now, however, the shit winter weather and lack of green space where I live has meant my house mate and I have been escaping by watching every Tom Hanks film, to see if he has ever made anything bad. Spoiler alert: The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Inferno are not worth your time (sorry Tom). However, I’ve still managed to walk for an hour or two on my party-approved daily exercise around Victoria Docks, and on the days when the sun has temporarily won its unending fight against Britain’s rain clouds, it’s been quite pleasant. It nearly feels like summer. 

You know what else feels like summer though? The third instalment of our live EP coming out today, recorded at Summerhouse Studios last year (how’s that for a perfect segue!?). That’s right folks, Chinese Chip Shop is out today, and it’s a nice little escape from the grey existence most of us are currently experiencing. As most of you know, these tracks were written a long while ago, way before I was pissing the guys off by hanging around all the time, but I think you’ll agree that even if the style is a little dissimilar to what we’re putting out more recently, we all still played the shit out of it. Like the other two tracks, you can either watch our lovely smiling mugs on the video below, or if you find us as ugly as you should, Spotify is a safer option for you. Either way, give it a go and let us know your thoughts. But only positive opinions, please. I’m very fragile right now.

So there you go. Shorter than my last entry, and less wholesome, but I did manage to get the word ‘shit’ into each paragraph, which despite what your teachers may have told you about swearing, is really cool. Swear more. It’s fun. 


With love, 

Jason (AKA, The real Great Leslie)