“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

boasted Ernest Hemingway, and if I had a nickel for every time I neglected to follow through with what drunk me promised, I’d have a whole load of unusable currency. However, one thing drunk me promised he would do that sober me has now fulfilled is getting back on the blog horse. “But Jason” I can hear you cry, “what have you been doing since your last blog post on May 14th? How many streams does your new single have? What is your current rank on Rocket League?” Well, dear readers, the answer to those oddly specific questions can be found by lowering your gaze just a few centimetres. 

As those of you who read it will know, I wrote a blog back in March celebrating our success at amassing 10,000 streams for Out of My Hands, which was our first track to reach that milestone at the time. I say “at the time”, because anybody who follows us on the ‘gram will know, our most recent single Everything From Last Night has already surpassed 10,000 streams, and instead of taking 4 months like OOMH, it took just under 4 weeks.

Needless to say, we’re absolutely bloody chuffed to bits, and forever grateful to have fans as lovely as you lot. To make things even better, we had an official/unofficial launch party for the track in Hackney, London last month and you lot only went and bought every bloody ticket available! It was our first ‘real’ gig back since all that Covid shit began, and to be in a sweaty room with over 200 people singing our songs back to us was incredible. Add to that all the messages, all the tags in stories, all the posts, all the support… it’s been a lovely month at TGL Towers. So we wanted to give something back, and me and the lads got together, rented an actual mansion in Torquay and went and drank all the alcohol Cornwall had in it. Whilst we were there, we thought we’d capture some of our shenanigans to film and then turn that into a suitably appropriate music video (and a wonderfully convenient tax write-off).

As it turns out, we couldn’t find 3 minutes of usable footage (something to do with blurriness and “potential evidence”), but luckily we had some sexy footage of you lot dancing around in Hackney to add to it, which is infinitely better, IMHO. Anyway, we’re releasing that today so see if you can spot yourself in it here

Let’s see, what else have we been up to? Well, we also released That’s Alright since we last spoke, which is one of my favourites and definitely worth a listen if you haven’t got on that train yet. We’ve written a lot more songs which we aim to record next year as well, and we’ve got a few more tracks ready to be released throughout the rest of this year to keep you going until then. We played some smaller shows in preparation for our Hackney gig, we’ve booked in a lot more for this year (get tickets here), created an accidentally trending hashtag (#CREFLN), and, as of now, published exactly one more blog. So as you can see, although we haven’t been as active on here as we used to be, we haven’t just been sat around playing PlayStation all this time (although I’m now Plat 2 on Rocket League…). 

So there we have it. Our first blog back in 6 months and it’s full of (not so) humble brags, but hey, we’ve got a lot to celebrate. We promise we will do this more regularly now, and they might even be about interesting stuff that you didn’t already know. But until then, go and enjoy the video, stream the song (and all our other ones), and don’t forget to let us know what you think. As those who have already written to us know, we answer all our messages (eventually) and love reading them. 

With renewed love,

Jason AKA Sorry For The Delay-son