21st Century Problems – EP | CD (FREE)


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Introducing “21st Century Problems” – The Great Leslie on CD for the first time! It’s our second EP and it’s sociopolitical!

Are you from 1982 (birth of the CD), or do you still have a non-ULEZ-compliant car (AKA it has a CD player and you like bad air quality)…. or do you just still like a good old CD?

Well the good news is, they’re back in fashion. Just like we are going in fashion as a band.

Immerse yourself in the rich, binary tones of digital audio as “21st Century Problems” comes to life on this compact disc! Each I or O lasered into the CD holds the passion, creativity, and dedication of our band, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience until we can afford vinyls!

Be among the first to own the EP in Physical form!

Artwork: Beyond the exceptional audio experience, the EP cover boasts captivating artwork by Michael Lisle-Taylor that complements the music’s depth and complexity. It’s a visual masterpiece that adds to the overall allure of this compact treasure.

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