With lockdown 2.0 in full swing, we thought we should do something to help ease you all into the (sadly) publess weekend. With that, we would like to introduce you to our first ever lyric video!

In truth, we didn’t intend to create a lyric video for Out Of My Hands, instead hoping to shoot an actual music video to go alongside Money. However, with current restrictions around gatherings (and the arts not considered ‘work’), we were forced to have a little rethink. After careful consideration, we approached the extremely talented Alex Dar because we loved his thoughtful and characterful stop motion creations (though Jason still insists it’s all animated). We think you’ll all agree, he’s done a bloody terrific job.

Finally, we know that bands thank their fans all the time, but we want you to know that we really mean it. For every listen, every share, every time you look at our Instagram stories and think “these guys are twats” but still hang around to watch the next video, we really are thankful. Truth is, social media is a tricky nut to crack, and it’s not easy to ask a stranger to follow a Spotify link. That’s where embedded videos help us quickly win over those new fans without pissing them off. So until we can legally film the music video we had in mind, we hope that this offering will keep you entertained. If it does, share, like, subscribe, stream (and more importantly, follow) on Spotify, and all the rest of the things that genuinely help us.

Much Love, TGL. xxx