We’ve never talked about this before – but all our artworks are done in house by Ryan. Ryan is a keen photographer and videographer on the side of his music and it’s just a useful asset to our band – that we are able to utilize.

The concept for this artwork was to reflect the lyrical content and theme of the song. Although you’ve not been able to hear it yet unless you’ve listened to the track on a pre-release radio play such as BBC Introducing suffolk this week. (yeah that was a drop)

How was it created?

Being that it’s a global pandemic – it was hard to create artwork that would include us. We can’t be in a venue without masks on let alone book a venue to begin with, so this release we opted for this concept. Ryan created a label based on G’s favourite tequila bottles brand design, re-working the idea into a bottled-up version of the song, incorporating cheeky messages and background objects.

Setting the Scene

Although it’s hard to tell in the actual edited image, as you can see from this behind the scenes photo – there’s a few questionable items on the table, ones our parents will be sure to be calling us about for some explainers after reading this blog.

As a side note and a fun bit of trivia, the white champagne bottle in the picture was actually a gift from Will Smith – not to any of the band members but it’s still a true fact! (Second drop – sorry not sorry)

In Other News

Our wonderful Sam got us a banner…. although we can’t use it for gigs right now, we still thought it was newsworthy.