Our music video for “Money” came out today – as a result we are SUPER excited to share this with you! This is by far our favourite video to date and the first one to focus on us as a band. We were fortunate enough to work with an amazing team for filming which has resulted in such a stunning production. It’s also our first video in 4K – ya know, cause we like to be future proof, not that any of us except Ryan have a TV capable of watching it at that resolution.

After the last music video, (where we had extras and costumes) we really wanted to do a simple video, and just go in the other direction. Focusing mainly on using our performance and professional camerawork to carry through the song.

Julian Smith (Director) and Deri Watts (Assitant Director)

We worked with the same team as last time which was great for us as it meant we were really comfortable in front of the cameras, with Julian Smith directing, and Adrian Homeshaw as our DOP. It was Julian who actually came up with the idea of just having a really simple blacked-out studio and playing around with different lighting rigs. It was also really important that we introduce each member of the band, as it gives everyone some screen time to really shine.


Julian Smith (director)
Deri Medusa (producer, editor, assistant director)
Adrian Homeshaw (director of photography, camera operator)
Sam Trevers (producer, editor)
Chris Rand (lighting gaffer)
Gareth Crockford (spark)
James Brown (assistant)
Charlotte Homeshaw (sound op)
Harry Cloake (camera assistant)
Zoe Clark (spark)
Rebecca Goodeve (colourist)
Danielle Poole (makeup artist)
Andrew Wang (hair stylist)
Saffron Earl (runner)

Shot on Location at Cineview Studios, London UK.

Special thanks to everyone who got involved and put time and effort into this project, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without each and every one of you.