What a pleasure, honour and privilege it is to have released TGL’s 11th single! Not that there’s anything particularly special about the number eleven… the tenth single release would’ve been more of an appropriate landmark to observe, and most probably should have been, but there’s no point or need to cry over spilt milk. We missed it and consequently are now celebrating number eleven. Who cares anyway; 30’s the new 20, and 11 is the new 10. Either way, ‘Liquid Spells’ is out now and begging you to listen to its slap-in-the-face bass… or at least we are considering the extensive development processes this song went through!

When writing this tune, we were all fully aware that we wanted it to hit hard and make you guys dance through these hot summer days. I mean, we had many songs already written, but none of them were really how we wanted this release to sound. So, Freddie and I worked on the initial idea together, after which we started re-writing with Alfie and Ryan, re-working the music, again and again, all before I had any of the lyrics. The song further developed in pre-production and then in the recording studio. So as you can see, there were many levels in which this tune evolved, and we are so happy that we put in all that effort as it has paid off in the long run, creating what we believe to be an absolute banger (not to be confused with an old banger).

For those of you that don’t know or haven’t yet listened to the song, ‘Liquid Spells’ is about pushing your body to its limits through excessive living. It does not differentiate between the extremities of what might be considered healthy and unhealthy. It is the devil on your shoulder telling you to keep going and drown yourself in excess. Not that we are promoting or enabling addiction of any kind unless of course, it’s an addiction to listening to us (wink face (because I don’t know what else to put (because I’m just feeling a bit lazy (sue me))))

In conclusion, eleven is the new ten… my bedroom was not built to withstand this kind of heat, Freddie likes to play the guitar, ‘Liquid Spells’ is a fucking great song, Ryan used to ride a motorbike, Alfie hurt his back, I think I may be saying random things from heat-induced delirium, ‘Liquid Spells’ is a fucking great song, my bedroom is too hot, and go and listen to ‘Liquid Spells’ NOW!

I am most honourably and cooking like a chicken,

Ollie Trevers aka. An overdone Leslie x