No, I’m not talking about the little sprinkly sweet things (especially as they are Hundreds AND Thousands). I’m talking about the fact that The Great Leslie has just surpassed 200k streams on Spotify alone! What a joyous moment for us it is to realise how much love we have gotten over these past two years.

For those of you that don’t know, two years as a band is a fairly short amount of time. Every member of TGL has been part of other bands in the past, for a lot longer than two years. And yet, here we are, only two years in having gained literally hundreds of thousands of streams (without breaking a sweat), and it’s all because of you, you beautiful people on the other end of your phones and laptop screens, looking for new bands on social media, stumbling across our music on Spotify, and following us after having just watched us play live. You are the reason we are where we are, and full disclosure, we want more. We want to reach the top, playing stadium tours and headline the biggest festivals in the world, BUT we are only at the beginning, and what a beginning it has been, all because of you. We are so grateful, I am so grateful; I don’t think I can truly put it into words how much so.

From the release of Money to now, so much has changed, be it band members, social distancing rules, 11 single releases, and many more aspects of our lives individually and as a group. Through it all, there has been a lot of adversity to overcome, and undoubtedly we’ll have plenty more on our journey to rock n roll glory, but we will never stop. To paraphrase my forebears, “Leslies never retreat, Leslies never surrender!” (I’m part Greek if you’re struggling with that one…).

And so I say to those of you who have given us so much support, liking our posts, sharing our content, sending our tracks to friends and loved ones alike, you are the reason we are where we are today, and we will continue to work with your love in our hearts and you faces imprinted in our minds. We carry on because we love music, but we also carry on for all of you. Here’s to another 11 singles, another two years, and many more, hundreds of thousands of streams.

I am most humbly,

Oliver Trevers, aka. A Grateful Leslie