The Oxford English Dictionary describes ‘great’ as an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average.  I therefore surmise, bearing in mind that this group of musical miscreants is considerably above average in every respect, that there hasn’t been a time in which they (we) haven’t been ‘great’. I view them (myself included), as a fine Bolognese sauce, each member being a pivotal ingredient, and combined they (we) mature together, becoming something tastier than Tom Hardy in a pair of jam trousers. 

Though, one may argue that greatness, beyond being an extent, amount, or intensity, is purely subjective, and therefore immeasurable. How can one determine greatness of an individual/individuals, idea, or substance, if another disputes it?  

*Awkward pause to let our transatlantic cousins consider that a country is in essence, just an idea*

The answer is that no one can determine objective greatness. Greatness in this realm of imperfection can only be subjective. A mass consensus can however push you towards this false sense of being objectively anything, and that is what we strive to achieve in The Great Leslie, extensive delusions of grandeur supplied by thousands of screaming fans.

2020 has been a hellish year taken over by ‘The Rona’. It has decimated hospitality and the arts, confining everyone to their homes. This is very counterproductive for The Great Leslie, as a mass consensus of greatness is best felt in person. Like Tinkerbelle gradually perishing from people not believing in fairies, The Great Leslie perishes equally when it doesn’t receive constant plaudits and adulation. Online traffic has been our life support, but to really whack us into gear, we need an audience. Moreover, The Great Leslie can never truly be great without its audience. Thus we look ahead, to a world without ‘The Vid’, where we might see you all again, and feel your love as we give you ours.

During 2021, we will be made great again by the grace of a vaccinated audience, and the release of five, possibly six new singles (depending on lockdown 3.0), which will be released throughout the year. The Great Lessa lover’s (final fan club name undecided) will be delighted to know that we will be playing at several festivals and, hopefully with some luck with the ever-reducing restrictions, we will be touring all over the UK and possibly even some of Europe.  

Another little cherry on top of this rather fantastic 2021 cake will be our expansion of merchandise, which will include t-shirts, facemasks, and vinyls. We encourage all fans to please contact us if you have any ideas of what we might add to this list of goodies, as our aim is only to make you, the people, happy. So there you have it, we’re set and raring to go, we hope you are equally as excited! 

May every deity conceived smile upon you as The Great Leslie does.

I bid you adieu,

The Greatest Leslie that has ever been, aka. Ollie Trevers.