Here’s a little secret for you. When I first started out performing in various bands, I had many experienced performers and artists tell me to play just under my set time. So, if the set was supposed to be 30 minutes, I would, and still do, play a 25-27minute set. Why? Because one should always leave the audience wanting more… and that is what we’ve always tried to do, be it when playing in front of a live audience or when releasing music.

I hope you don’t begrudge us for it, but how else can we keep you engaged and interested? We don’t want to give too much away too soon! Plus, what good does it do for a band or artist to release a whole album when they have no audience to listen to it? But we Leslies do now have an audience. A beautiful, kind, rowdy, dedicated audience who begs us to release MORE. So that’s exactly what we are going to do.

We have two singles left to release this year, and then in 2023, we are going to release our very first EP! What is an EP, I hear you ask from the other side of your phone and computer screens?! An EP, like an LP, is a collection of songs. Often they’re connected and have an underlying message or story that makes it a complete piece. However, an LP (Long Playing record) is usually considered an album as it would contain somewhere between 8-12 songs, whereas an EP (Extended Play record) is more like a mini album and usually has somewhere in the region of 3-5 songs.

“But Ollie, why can’t TGL just release their first LP/Album?!”. Because my lovelies, there are still not enough Leslians out there that could support or justify us producing such an extensive piece of work. But fear not, we will release more than one EP next year, so you will have significantly more tracks to sink your teeth into. And when the time comes, once we have, with your help, spread the word of our mystical and magical musical deeds that leave people on a continuing spiral of tantalisation and contentment, we shall take to the studio to record album no.1.

So my friends go and spread the word. Like, love, subscribe, share, share, share, share, and share some more. Send our music to ALL of your family and ALL of your friends, and don’t stop until you’ve done yourselves and us proud, because if your work pays off, then you will get more of us, and we will inevitably get more of you. And that’s precisely what we want. More great music, more gigs, more tours, and more fun all around before we reach our inevitable expiration?

In the meantime, we look forward to you hearing our latest single, ‘All Good Things’. Stay tuned on socials and on here to find out more.

I am most honourably,

Oliver Trevers, aka. An enthusiastic Leslie.