At TGL we like to think of ourselves as fine artists, although truth be told we are at our best when we are playing our music. If you’re familiar with our single covers for the last year you might have spotted the theme. Here are all 6 to refresh your memories!

Needless to say, I’m proud of these artworks… the problem was… what would our theme be next!
Well luckily for me, [Ryan] my sister married a wonderful man 20 years ago (Their anniversary was last week so obligatory congratulations!).

My brother in-law goes by the name of Michael Lisle-Taylor, commonly known as “The Grid”. Michael is a fantastic sculpture artist who’s works are included in many galleries and art museums all over the world. So he was my obvious choice for advice!

I approached my bro-in-law with my conundrum of what to do for this years series of artwork, at which point he offered to help and collaborate with us! (yipee!)

I had sent Michael the lyrics to ‘Feel Alive’ and Ollie wrote down the underlying themes. Almost immediately Michael came up with the idea you see before you.

The faces shown above are those of Michael and myself. The process for doing these was full of hilarity and VERY messy, but bloody good fun!

Have you ever been to the dentist and they put that weird cold plastic goo in your gob that tastes very slightly minty and after a couple of minutes, solidifies creating a cast of your toofypegs? Well quite literally we shoved our faces into buckets of that stuff and I can’t say we were overly precautions about our need to breathe. But I’m pleased to announce we both survived the ordeal. Below are a few pics from our time doing that.

Mick will be helping us with the rest of this year’s singles so there is much more to come and I can’t wait to see how this part of the project evolves! There will also be much more to write about on this subject so until then, I’m going to sign off before I reveal too much about the future!
Much Love,
Ryan xxx


Please take some time to look at Michael’s work online and show him support on Instagram by giving him a follow and a like. He is family after all!

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