Anna – Final Release of the year and update

Our final release of the year is out next Friday (26th November 2021) “Anna”. It’s come around as fast as the rest of this year went by, in the blink of an eye! You might have seen mentioned around that I [Ryan] had a minor accident while being a good samaritan. I’m happy to report my wrist is on the mend and I have a CT scan tomorrow, hopefully I can get back on the drums ready for our gigs next month!

I thought I’d take the opportunity to thank a couple of people that helped me out during my downtime, without whom we would have cancelled a few shows; Filippo Galli & Lewis Jenkins, thank you so much for filling in for me on the drums, I really appreciate you guys! The Great Leslie is eternally grateful! Go give these guys a follow on Instagram to show your support to them 🙂

Filippo on Drums

A bit of social media news from us – We are about to start making a bunch of new content for TikTok so if you don’t already follow us there then please take the time to do that now 🙂


We’ve recently added more dates to our TOUR page so go and check that out too! Tickets can be purchased in advanced (a bit cheaper than on the door) through the links.

OUR RELEASES OF 2021: (Click to go listen)