Here it is, the penultimate single of the year; the end of summer song, the twelfth tune of Leslie.

‘All Good Things’ is coming to you today on all major streaming platforms and it will hit you hard, but not in the way you might expect. I only say this because once finishing the first draft of the song in my bedroom, it hit me hard too. 

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 All the music I’ve written has been true to me, but sometimes writers stumble across something that rings truer than ever before. Sometimes an idea flows out of you because it has been dormant for so long and you’ve only just managed to find the key to unlock it from your subconscious.

A similar thing happened with our song ‘Out Of My Hands’. I started writing and it flowed onto the pages in front of me within minutes. All Good Things was a deja by moment; a song that was buried deep within my soul that just came to the surface. A song that defines life as a state of constant change, making life and change synonymous with each other. It’s here to fill you with joy and submerge you in sorrow, for what feeling is more conflicting than nostalgia?

   Whilst being a helping hand to those who are bereft of their past happiness, it highlights the bracing reality of life’s finality. Having said that, I’d say that it is neither happy nor sad, as the flip-side to nothing being constant means that all things end, good and bad. It’s just real, and in my opinion in many ways invigorating, as the realization of how precious and fragile our existence is makes you appreciate it, encourages us to live it fully and accept it’s inevitability. Or at least, that is the intention behind the song…

   Musically the song has a beauty to it with Ryan’s energetic drums, Alfie’s jaunty bass parts, Freddie’s lead guitar lines and of course our carefully thought out vocal melodies and harmonies, which all elevate the feeling of reminiscence and hopefully hook you in to press replay.  

   All in all, writing, rewriting, developing, questioning and reassessing this song, musically and lyrically has been a joyous, creative experience, and I think we’ve come away from it loving this tune the most out of the lot. We’ll try to top it of course, but for now this track for me at least is no.1. Let’s see if you agree! Go and have a listen now, we can’t wait for you to hear it and remember, if you love it then like it, play it and share it until you can share no more! 
I am most honourably,
Oliver Trevers aka. A pensive Leslie