London-based band The Great Leslie have already made a name for themselves in the alt-rock scene by unashamedly merging their favourite sounds, creating something refreshingly individual. 

Taking inspiration from the likes of Bowie to Daft Punk and from Franz Ferdinand to Ella Fitzgerald, The Great Leslie push the boundaries of pop-rock, leaving their songs stuck in your head and your feet stuck on the dance floor.

They have already racked up a number of successes in their short tenure, including their riff-driven release Money being crowned BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week, closely followed by their highly regarded, and anthemic tonic to self flagellation in November’s Out Of My Hands.  

“A track so slick and sublime you are instantly reminded that Rock N Roll is here to stay…We are excited to see what comes next from these Londoners as this has really whet our appetite for more.”

You can find The Great Leslie’s music on all major streaming platforms:

Spotify and iTunes