Out Of My Hands (OoMH) was released on the 30th October 2020. Since then, it has been our most successful release so far. It recently surpassed 20,000 plays on Spotify. It’s actually nearly 21,000 as I write this blog or even more if we look at all the streaming platform figures combined. But as Spotify is the majority and it’s hit that sexual figure of 20K, I thought we would take these figures and play with them a bit to see what they mean. Sounds fun right?

To start off Out of My Hands is a relatively short song, clocking in at 3 minutes and 18 seconds. If we know the song’s been played 20,000 times then that works out at 66,000 minutes of streaming, or just under 46 days… That’s a lot of time you guys have been listening to our song. THANK YOU <3 

Well, what about the rest then? Our latest release on 20th August 2021 ‘Everything From Last Night’ (CREFLN) isn’t far behind on the figures either! 17,951 Spotify streams, at 3 minutes and 35 seconds… so another 64,324 minutes, or 44 and a half days (crikey!). So that’s 90 days now already. I know this isn’t exactly groundbreaking math, but it is a fun way of looking at it. Anyway, I’ve come this far. I can’t really stop until I know it all, but I am gonna save bashing out all the other songs one by one for your well-being. And jump straight into the big boy figures. 

If you combine all of our Spotify listens on all of our tracks and work out how long it would take a single person to get through all that music, it would take them 261,147 minutes! That is just over 181 days of listening. All Leslie, all the time! No sleep, no eating, nothing, just TGL. But what about if this was a job? I mean hypothetically, If this was a day job, how long would it take? Well, don’t worry because I have the math skills required to go there. If this was an 8 hour workday, we’d be looking at a single employee taking just over 4,352 working hours to listen to all that music. Wait for it… it would take that person 544 working days! Considering the average person has 21 days of holiday, 8 days bank holiday (in the UK) and weekends off, each year they work 231 days in total. So employing someone 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week, with holidays factored in, you’d need someone to work for almost 2 years, 4 months and 1 week to listen to that much TGL on their own. That’s incredible!

But these aren’t just working hours though are they? These are real people (you guys) dedicating time for yourself to listen to us. Do you know how much that means to us? A fuck tonne, to put it mildly. It’s what tells us that you are out there, choosing to listen to us and sharing it with your friends and family. Another cool little figure I’ve dug out is from Shazam. Just in case you don’t know what that is, it’s an app for your smartphone that lets you play music to it. It then tells you the song name etc. I’ve totalled all our “Shazams” and that came to 310. That means you guys are playing our tunes and someone in hearing distance has gone “ooh I like that”. So we owe you thanks for that too! 

Thanks for your continued support and hard work in growing our band’s career. It means the world to us!